@ home with Putul


As part of Bongo's effort to bring you joy, we have gathered artists during this time of social distancing, so that you may sing along to some of their favourite tunes and enjoy yourselves. Share these performances among friends, family, colleagues and raise social awareness about the novel coronavirus. None of these performances shall be monetized; we respect and give credit to the original authors/copyright holders of all songs and their names may be found on the description below. Song 1: Mayer Chotto Putul, Singer, lyricist, and tune: Putul, Performed by: Putul. Song 2: Nirikh Bandhore Dui Noyone, Singer: Putul, Lyrics: Kalu Shah Fakir, Album: Matir Putul, Performed by: Putul. Song 3: Amar Kono Jaiga Nai Ree, Singer: Putul, Tune: Lucky Akhand, Album: Close Up, Lyrics: Shafiq Tuhin, Label: Gaanchill, Performed by: Putul.