Omor Prem


The MA achieved unemployed young man, Masum starts to do odd jobs when he fails to get a proper job. He spends his nights on the footpaths. He builds good relationship with Shameem and his family after he saves Shameem from the mobs. Masum and his Bhola start to stay at Shameem’s house after being requested by Shameem’s mother. Masum and Shameem gets romantically involved. Masum becomes a worker at his wealthy friend, Mahmud Chowdhury’s factory. When Masum goes to Mahmud to talk about the worker’s rights, a distance gets created between them. Mahmud fixes his evil eyes on Shameem. While saving Shameem from Mahmud, Masum gets convicted for a false murder. His beautiful life gets destroyed. Will he ever get back to his beautiful life and spend his days with Shameem?

Azizur Rahman
Razzak , Shabana
Drama Romance