Rokte Amar Agun


Akram Hossain Chowdhury keeps a poverty-ridden girl Sufia as a personal secretary in order to have an intimate physical relationship with her. And as a result Sufia gives birth to a son. Instead of taking her to the hospital Akram waited for Sufia to die due to saving his reputation after giving birth to an unlawful child. Sufia died but the son was born. And Akram give orders to Kismat to kill the child. Kismat found the child but instead of killing he sends him to a childless woman Hena Chowdhury. Babla, the name of the son, one day found out that Hena is not her real mother and his identity is unknown. Thus he leaves her and started pick-pocketing, which later turned out to be a top terrotist.

S. Alam Saki
Anzum Manik, Helal Khan, Mehedi , Soniya, Moushumi
Action Drama